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2D illustrator and Concept Artist

Self taught 2D Artist, working for entertainment market (comics, games and literature) since 2005, focused on character/creature design, game art and illustration, using traditional techniques allied to digital tools.

Artwork present worldwide, for companies like Marvel Games/Studio Voltz(US), DigitalShock (Canada), Game Engineers (Germany), Dream Powered Games, Tamboro Educational (Brazil), Pulsetense Studios and FOX Studios, highlighting participation on projects as “Marvel: Avengers Alliance”, “Warcry: Extermination”, “Ludz: Conhecimento em Ação”, “Solarix”, “Dragon Ball: Battle of F” and as freelancer Senior Artist on BEPiD (Brazil Education Program for iOS Development) at PUC/PR.

Currently is co-owner and lead artist at Freakow Studios and freelancer artist.